Save the Date - How to start planning your wedding at Seaham Hall

seahamhallhotel,   19/07/2017
Firstly congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the ultimate wedding planning guide! Designing and planning your dream wedding can be very exciting but with so much to choose from and be ins...

Whats on in County Durham this Summer

seahamhallhotel,   12/07/2017
With the Summer holiday's fast approaching we have created a guide for what's on in County Durham this Summer...Make a stay of it with our special summer offers...

Serenity Spa introduces Cancer Touch Therapy

seahamhallhotel,   29/06/2017
Working together with Made for Life by Spiezia Organics,

How to have a Great British Summer at Seaham Hall


seahamhallhotel,   28/06/2017
Summer time is well and truly upon us, are you ready to live every day to the fullest? Here’s our guide on how to make the most of your stay at Seaham Hall in a very British way!...

The benefits of using our new Salt Sauna

seahamhallhotel,   28/06/2017
We are taking wellness to the next level and have introduced a brand new Salt Sauna to our

Real Life Bride - Mr and Mrs Tate - Wedding Wisdom

seahamhallhotel,   14/06/2017
Tell us about your wedding photos...

Real Life Bride - Mr and Mrs Tate - The Ceremony

seahamhallhotel,   07/06/2017
What did you do the day before the wedding?We had the most amazing princess girlie day with all of my bridesmaids...

The Seven Wonders of Seaham Hall

seahamhallhotel,   02/06/2017
Finding a good location for the perfect wedding photo is sometimes easier said than done...

Real Life Bride - Mr and Mrs Tate - The Planning

seahamhallhotel,   31/05/2017

Life's a Beach!

seahamhallhotel,   30/05/2017
Planning a last minute half term escape? Need some inspiration? Look no further... lucky for us
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