Membership Motivation - Meet Barry

seahamhallhotel,   20/10/2017
Barrie Evans is 71 years old and 37 times Great North Run achiever. He has ran half marathons and full marathons around the world, including New York, Boston and London a total of 21 times!...

Macmillan Coffee Morning Sticky Banana Bread

seahamhallhotel,   28/09/2017
Macmillan Coffee Morning Sticky Banana Bread Serves 6-8 depending on the size of your appetite!...

The benefits of using our NEW Indian Steam Chamber

seahamhallhotel,   31/08/2017
At Serenity Spa we are taking heat experiences to another level, after the introduction of our new

Top 5 Honeymoon Hotel Planning Tips

seahamhallhotel,   30/08/2017
If you are planning to prolong the wedding fun and have decided to jet off somewhere exotic further down the line...

Women's Wellness Week 4 simple tips

seahamhallhotel,   30/08/2017
To celebrate Women’s Wellness week on the 18th September we have pulled together 4 simple wellness tips that you can do every day making your overall wellness levels increase and leave you feeling gre...

The only way to spend August Bank Holiday

seahamhallhotel,   23/08/2017
Its official and we hate to be the ones to break it to you but the summer holidays are nearly over! With only a few days left, it’s important to spend them in the best and most exciting way possible, ...

World Photo Day - How to take the best pictures this summer

seahamhallhotel,   18/08/2017
To celebrate World Photo Day we have pulled together a quick snapshot on how to take great pictures this summer. It is essential to create memories to remember for the rest of the year, whether you po...

Meet Nathan our NEW Gym Instructor

seahamhallhotel,   14/08/2017
Meet Nathan Robinson the newest member of the Serenity Spa gym. With a wealth of experience and a passion for fitness he aims to motivate and make your fitness goals a priority......

The benefits of our NEW Herbal Sanarium

seahamhallhotel,   04/08/2017
We all know that spending time at Serenity Spa leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world...

How to plan the perfect Christmas event

seahamhallhotel,   02/08/2017
Planning the perfect
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