The Spey Cellar at Seaham Hall

Seaham Hall is very proud to be the official home of SPEY whisky due to its unrivalled connections to the family and the history of SPEY.

John & Robert Harvey started the SPEY whisky family business in 1770, the Harvey family carried it forward ever since until in the 1920′s Alec Harvey took the business in a slightly different direction.  Using the then derelict Seaham Hall, the family stored bottled & bulk whisky in the cellars, exporting it from Seaham Harbour before it made it’s way to the US during the time of the US Period of Prohibition.

The cellar at Seaham Hall had many secret passages which led to the local harbour, Alec Harvey used these tunnels, in the dead of night, to take the whisky discreetly to the harbour before the bootie was shipped off to London and then across the Atlantic. 

Today, the working cellar at Seaham Hall records this intriguing local history and has been sympathetically restored to provide a unique setting for an intimate cocktail reception or a SPEY whisky tasting experience with the hotel's cellar master. 

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