Seaham Hall's guide to

Dropping Hints

How to make sure you get what you want this christmas

Christmas is all about getting what you want, but there's an art to letting people know exactly what to buy you. Our guide to hint dropping has got you covered for the lead up to the festive season. Now you can make sure you receive that indulgent spa day you've always wanted, an overdue evening of 5 star dining experiences, or the romantic overnight stay that you've been waiting for.

The Side Slipper

Grab your Seaham Hall slippers or find your favourite fluffy pair and wear them around the house... all day, every day.

Cucumber Glasses

Slice some cucumbers, place one piece on each eye, and relax on the sofa. You may get a few funny looks, but you won't be able to see them.

Lunch Treats

Subtly suggest finger sandwiches and French fancies for lunch. There's nothing like a spot of afternoon tea...hint hint!

The Leave Alone

Hang a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your bedroom door and indulge in some you time. If that doesn't say "I need a relaxing break" we don't know what will.