Holistic Treatments

Healing based on ancient traditions which aim to holistically restore your mind, body and spirit.

Hypnotherapy 60m (Focus: Anxiety, weight loss, stress)

Hypnotherapy sessions offer you a chance to deeply relax the mind and the body. Hypnosis is extremely beneficial for the whole, body-mind system and regular sessions actively reduce the stress in your mind, leaving you calm, focussed and completely rejuvenated. In this busy world, we need to allow the mind a chance to rest, away from screens, work and communication if we are to feel our very best, and this session is the perfect solution. You are always safe and secure, perfectly in control and nobody is expected to share any personal thoughts or feelings.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price £90

Hypnotherapy 120m (Stop Smoking Session)

Are you struggling with your decision to stop smoking? Are you motivated to stop but need some extra support? Hypnotherapy is an effective technique that will support you to make this change that will benefit so many areas in your life; your health, wellbeing and wallet. During this session, we focus on what smoking means for you. Everyone is an individual and your treatment is tailored to your individual needs to support you in giving up smoking. 

Durations: 120 minutes

Price: £150

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